Hand building finishes
The hand building finish is not only one of the oldest but also one of the most important kind of finishes. Very different natural and synthetic polymers are used for an astonishing variety of hand effects. The main effects of fullness and stiffness enable a very interesting hand design, often in combination with other finishes. Softness and hardness or stiffness are incompatible contrasts, but there are especially with the filling finish-many fluent transitions. Filling products can be well with softeners as with stiffening products.

Finishes that add firmness to fabric hand are often called hand builders.  Large quantities of hand builders are used today to improve the hand of fabrics that are too flimsy, limp or raggy for either the customer, as point-of-sale finishes, or subsequent processing, such as sewing or automated materials handling. These finishes are also used increase bulk, stiffness or weight, the processability and marketability of these products can be used to provide a ¡°counter finish¡± for increased sale appeal. Hand builders durable to repeated laundering and dry cleaning are employed for permanent effects.
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