Shanghai Shinchem Chemicals Co., Ltd was set up in 2007, we mainly focus on the production, application and selling of silicone products. As a fresh power of silicone industry in China, Shinchem is located in Shanghai Torch Innovation Park of Fine Chemical Industry. Our products are now widely used in textile, leather, plastic, metal working, construction, and aerospace.....
2008 Technology Innovation Fund for Small and Medium Projects of the second batch 2009-12-10
Shanghai Shinchem Chemicals Co., Ltd. took part in ITMA 2010 in Shanghai 2010-6-28
High Performance Silicone Antifoam
Organic Modified Polysiloxane Softener
Novel High Performance Silicone Emulsion
Amino Modified Polysiloxane Softener
Recommended Application of Shinchem SS6186 and Shi
The introduction of Shinchem products.
Organic Fine Chemicals
Polyether modified polysiloxane
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