Our Vision: Achieve the Excellence of Silicone Application.

Shanghai Shinchem Chemical Co., Ltd was set up in 2007, we mainly focus on the production, application and selling of silicone products. As a fresh power of silicone industry in China, Shinchem is located in Shanghai Torch Innovation Park of Fine Chemical Industry. Our products are now widely used in textile, leather, plastic, metal working, construction, and aerospace industry. Since the company¡¯s start-up, we¡¯ve gained 80%rising in sales annually and now enjoy good reputation in the field.

Shinchem deals in the speciality, we focus on the application and selling of silicone products, the main products include silicone fluid, linear silicone, defoamer and softeners.

Shinchem¡¯s technical team consists of several experts who own PhD or Master degree from best universities in China. They focus on the product applications in specialized areas provide solutions for customers, among them there are a number of well-know multinationals.

Current performance of Shinchem shows very good development potential, the product line expanded from 5 to 20 since company¡¯s setting up. These products include silicone based defoamer, macro emulsion and hydrophilic softeners, now we are making continuous efforts to develop new application areas.

An innovative research team ensures the development and expansion of Shinchem. Recently a new patent is approved with the name ¡°Novel self-emulsifying polysiloxane softener¡±and has got the support from the Science Foundation in China. In addition to effectively enhancing the comfortable feeling of high end fabrics, the new product is also well biodegradable, this means at the same time, the usage of non-biodegradable surfactant can be significantly reduced.

Our Target is to provide overall technical support and solutions to our valuable customers.


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